EZYB2B - EDI without boundaries.


EZYB2B Overview

EZYB2B is a business-to-business message transformation, message exchange and management system.

EZYB2B acts as a middleware layer between your trading partners (both Suppliers and Customers) and your ERP system:

  • Inbound documents are received by EZYB2B, translated into the format(s) required by your ERP system and passed to it through a single channel.  There is no limit to the number of different formats that can be received and they all end up in the set of formats required by your system
  • Outbound documents are received from your ERP system and channelled through to EZYB2B which then translates and distributes them to an unlimited number of trading partner destinations as shown in the topology diagrams

EZYB2B's pricing model brings EDI to within the reach of all companies, big or small.  EZYB2B can reduce your EDI costs and complexity.

Consider the following:

  • EZYB2B has no document transaction or translation fees
  • EZYB2B provides both a traditional EDI application and portal-based solutions
  • EZYB2B has Gateways to major retailers
  • EZYB2B has interfaces for MYOB, MFG/Pro, Movex, SAP, Navision, PRMS, Mapics, and many more...
  • EZYB2B supports all B2B transport methods
  • EZYB2B is fully supported and managed by our staff, regardless of how or where it is installed.


EZYB2B Feature comparison



On-site Server


Managed by Neller Connect.

Support for any-to-any document translation.

Mapping support for branches, products and units of measure.

Support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP and web service protocols.

Support for AS2 using Drummond-certified /nsoftware IPWorks!


Direct connection to your non-AS2 trading partners or to their VANs.

No in-house infrastructure costs.


Runs under either Unix or Windows.





EZYB2B Business Model

EZYB2B can be installed locally or as "Software as a Service".  Regardless of your preferred topology, Neller Connect will administer your EZYB2B installation either on one of our cloud servers, on our Hub implementation, or on your on-site server.

There are two components to our Business Model which determine prices:

Establishment Fee

The establishment fee includes:

  • Configuration of document translation maps for trading relationships and document types, including branch (GLN), product and unit of measure mapping where required
  • Establishing and testing of end-to-end document transport links for each transport channel (e.g. FTP, HTTP, SMTP, AS2, etc)
  • Collaboration with the customer and trading partner in-house Project Managers to ensure an efficient and successful transition to live processing

Subscription Fee

The subscription fee includes:

  • A licence to use the software
  • Administration of the software
  • Help desk support, software upgrades and maintenance

Our business model will save you time, money and improve your supply chain efficiency.


EZYB2B Downloads

EZYB2B Flyer (496Kb)
EZYB2B Flyer Cost Savings Calculator (309Kb)
EZYB2B Flyer The benefits of EDI (400Kb)
EZYB2B Flyer Emailed EDI (213Kb)
EZYB2B Brochure (2Mb)